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Authentic Japanese Matcha Chasen Holder Authentic Japanese Matcha Chasen Holder

An ideal stand for storing your precious Chasen, or otherwise known as matcha tea broom. The porcelain round body protects the bamboo chasen by maintaining its original shape much longer. Simply clean the Chasen with warm water and then leave it on the stand to dry. Dimensions: H 7cm.

Ceramic Tea-for-one Set "Azul" Ceramic Tea-for-one Set "Azul"

A tea set that will make anyone happy with its wondurful colorful designs. Its is a ceramic tea sets with hand decorated shades of blue and light blue. Perfect for tea drinking anytime of the day and includes a 200ml cup, a 400ml teapot, a cover and saucer. Dimensions: Teapot 400ml - Ø 10 cm x 11cm, Tea cup 200ml - Ø 11 cm x 6 cm

Japanese Cups  “Zen”  5 Piece set Japanese Cups “Zen” 5 Piece set

This set consists of five Japanese ceramic mugs of beautiful design and color ranging from from dark brown to a lighter beige. Can be used in a meeting or a friendly get together and will surely surprise your guests. It is also packaged in a very well-designed black gift box appropriate for gifts to friends or relatives. The capacity of each cup is... More

Japanese Measuring Spoon "Taoism" Japanese Measuring Spoon "Taoism"

Make tea making more fun with these Japanese ceramic spoons / scoops. This spoon takes the exact amount the amount of tea you need every time you prepare your tea. Put it together with the other accessories of the tea, and then the next cup easier than ever. Length about 10 cm.

Moroccan Tea Glasses  120ml - 6 Piece Set Moroccan Tea Glasses 120ml - 6 Piece Set

A set of six beautifully rich colored Moroccan tea glasses with gold trim that have an authentic, attractive and quite impressive design. If you want to take part in the Moroccan tradition, prepare a fresh green Moroccan mint tea. Capacity 120ml

Stainless Steel Strainer "Elegance" Stainless Steel Strainer "Elegance"

A tea strainer designed with attention to the details! It is quite large and fits most tea cups and teapots of smaller capacity. It has a very fine mesh to retain fine tea leaves and is made from stainless steel. It also offers a handle to protect you from your hot beverage and is safe for use in a dishwasher. Dimensions: Height 8,5 cm, diameter Ø 5,80... More

Tea Ball “Red Teapot” Tea Ball “Red Teapot”

This is the most common and the most popular way to infuse loose tea. Infusers come in various shapes and forms, but is usually a perforated metal ball that you fill with tea. This infuser has a beautiful, red teapot that acts as a weight and hangs outside your cup or mug. Stainless steel does not rust. Approximately 5 cm.

Tea Tin Asia 100 g Tea Tin Asia 100 g

A great way to organize your tea and your herbs. A white background with red and black Japanese ideograms. The capacity is about 100 grams of tea. Dimensions: 78x78x100 mm

Glass Jumbo Cup Senses 400 ml Glass Jumbo Cup Senses 400 ml

Μας ζητήσατε μεγαλύτερες κούπες για περισσότερη διάρκεια και απόλαυση στα ροφήματα σας. Έτσι προσθέσαμε στη συλλογή μας αυτή την αρκετά μεγάλη κούπα 400 ml. Συνοδεύεται απο το αντίστοιχο γυάλινο... More

Glass Teapot "Senses" 1.2 l Glass Teapot "Senses" 1.2 l

Designed to stimulate all the senses but especially sight, taste, and smell. It has a capacity of 600mL or 1200mL depending on your choice and it is suitable for dishwasher and microwave . It is made of borosilicate glass (pyrex) which tends to be stronger and more durable than ordinary glass. It is a neutral glass classified as type 1 according to the... More

Rock Rose Rock Rose

It will help alleviates stomach and intestine problems and also ssist in combating obesity. It is soothing, astringent, and appropriate for convulsions, insomnia and can help reduces the symptoms of bronchitis. Very helpful in preventing colds flu and other illnesses. The shrub Ladania-Rockrose has the highest polyphenol content of any plant in Europe. ... More

Shades of Winter Shades of Winter

An herbal blend that calms and relaxes our body from the stresses of the day and its baked apple taste is reminiscent of winter. It contains apple pieces, rose-hip, cinnamon, licorice, lemongrass, hibiscus petals, and lemon peel.

Flavoured Matcha (organic) Flavoured Matcha (organic)

Ξεχάστε τα συνηθισμένα matcha, αυτά τα βιολογικά έρχονται φέτος σε μοναδικές γεύσεις. Matcha Καραμέλα (βιολογικό) 30 g. Η γεύση του έχει μια ξεχωριστή ισορροπημένη γεύση καραμέλας που ενώνεται αρμονικά με... More

Green Lemon (organic) Green Lemon (organic)

For those who love the rich taste and of fresh lemons we offer this refreshingly aromatic Sencha Lemon Tea. A combination of sencha, lemon peels, and lemongrass.

Rooibos Wild Berry (organic) Rooibos Wild Berry (organic)

It has a high concentration of antioxidant, no caffeine, and very low levels of tannins unlike black or green tea. Specifically this tea has a great berry flavor and contains a variety of fruits such as raspberries, blackcurrants, strawberries and black currants. It is included in our sampler set - Fruity Rooibos .

Original Turkish Apple Tea Original Turkish Apple Tea

This is how the summer sun tastes! It’s a tea like you might be served right at a Turkish bazaar: hot and sweet as it steams in the glass, releasing a fragrance of ripe apples from a sunfilled garden. This is a perfect composition of juicy pieces of fruit selected by hand. Our tip: For a special treat, give this quality tea blend a try once by adding... More

White Spring White Spring

White and green tea that has a rich aroma and fruity flavor of Pomegranate, Cranberries and Goji Berry.

Tea Tin 100gr (Black Oriental Design) Tea Tin 100gr (Black Oriental Design)

Elegant 100g tin box for the safekeeping of your tea. Black and red in color with an oriental design and dimensions of 70 x 70 x 100 mm.

Gyokuro Imperial Gyokuro Imperial

This tea has leaves like needles and is considered a "shadow tea" because it is grown in conditions under bamboo leafs. These exceptional conditions brings out a sweet, smooth and delicious cup with a intensive "lightning" green infusion color.

Oolong Ben Shan Oolong Ben Shan

Many of the great Oolong teas originate from the Chinese province of Fujian This oolong tea is produced close to the city of Anxi in a small tea factory and ranks as one of the 4 most famous Chinese teas. The region has a tea culture that spans hundreds of years and has extended expertise especially with special tea crops and tea grades such as this tea.

Chai Green Tea Apricot Chai Green Tea Apricot

Taste the true nature of love and pleasure in this purely enlightening blend of green tea, fruits and spices. Green tea with apricot pieces combined with sweet cinnamon, pink pepper seeds of fennel and cloves. The result of this exciting new tea has an oriental cinnamon, sweet apricot taste.

Chai Lemon Herbal Chai Lemon Herbal

Very aromatic and fragrant, this herbal tea can be characterized as being spicy because of cassia, black pepper and pink pepper that it contains. To complement the spicyness the taste of cardamom, cloves and of course the lemongrass and coconut pieces come together to offer great taste as well as wellness in the body, mind and spirit.

Tea for One "Persona" Tea for One "Persona"

If tea is the beverage of your choice you should go a step further and "invest" in a tea for a integrated teapot and cup solution that will surely grab the attention of others. It luxurious way for you to enjoy tea anytime with this elegant, simple and practical ceramic teapot. Note: Strainer NOT included.Its dimensions are 10cm height, 14cm width, radius... More

Sea Buckthorn Sea Buckthorn

It is an herb with amazing health benefit properties. It helps enhance the immune and nervous system, it regulates metabolism and detoxifies the body. 1 tsp. fresh in 1 cup boiling water covered for 10-15 minutes up to 3 times a day.

Darjeeling Silver Mountain Darjeeling Silver Mountain

This relatively inexpensive Darjeeling will dazzle you as it produces a strong, dark and fully aromatic cup of tea. Don't be fooled by its price. We thought it was an excellent tea.

Bamboo Strainer Bamboo Strainer

A bamboo strainer is the most traditional way to infuse tea. It is 100 natural and appropriate for this use and is durable and beautiful keeping tea leaves out of your drink. You can rinse with water to easily clean it. Choose from the one handled strainer and the two handled strainer.

Glass Tea Cup "Passion" 300 ml Glass Tea Cup "Passion" 300 ml

A beautiful glass mug with a removable metal strainer and glass lid. It has a 300 ml capacity and is beautiful and very practical set. Can be matched with any glass teapot from our collection but our recommendation is the Glass Teapot "Affection" 1 l.

Glass Teapot "Bella" 1.2 l Glass Teapot "Bella" 1.2 l

The clarity of this glass teapot allows you to fully appreciate the color of our tea. It also has a removable glass strainer and includes a beautiful glass lid. The large capacity (1200 ml) make this beautiful teapot perfect for all occasions and offers unparalleled simplicity and functionality.

Hourglass Hourglass

She is beautiful and most of all easy to use. Put an end to bitter tea and complex timers. Choose one of the 3 colors blue, green and white and measure your infusion time with this beautiful hourglass made ​​of transparent glass. You must have one in your kitchen drawer!

Teapot "Blanc" 450 ml Teapot "Blanc" 450 ml

A Unique design of great functionality for this teapot. It is made of porcelain of maximum quality with a capacity of 450 ml and a impressive built in reusable silicone teabag. Now you can truelly make your own teabag.

Teapot Black 800ml Teapot Black 800ml

This is a porcelain teapot of high quality and capacity of 800 ml in a modern black finish. The teapot has a cover with felt lining for insulation. This will keep the temperature and the tea freshness longer.

Thermos Jug "Practicle" 1 lt Thermos Jug "Practicle" 1 lt

This tea jug will keep all your beverages hot or cold for at least 4 hours. The thermal jug can holds 1 liter of your favorite beverage and is easy to clean and extremely durable. It is beautiful and functional and if your preference is for hot tea or coffee but even for cold drinks, the jug will cover you temperature requirement needs.

Goji Berry Goji Berry

A powerful anti-aging and longevity plant, considered as one of the best superfoods on the planet. Benefits the immune system and boosts metabolism, it detoxifies and is known to improve sexual life significantly. A handful each day for optimal health.

Oolong Dragon Tea Sampler Oolong Dragon Tea Sampler

'Discover some of the best oolong teas from Taiwan and China. This set makes 10 cups per tea and includes (subject to infrequent changes): China Oolong - This oolong has a half open leaf and produces a wonderful clear orange cup with a mild and nutty taste. Oolong Champagne Hand picked top grade Oolong with a dark leaf. The infusion produces a... More

Chai Sampler Chai Sampler

Έντονες γεύσεις μπαχαρικών σε συνδυασμό με τσάι ή άλλα βότανα. Συνθέσεις και υπέροχες γεύσεις τσαγιών εμπνευσμένες από τις αρχές της Αγιουρβέδα (Ayurveda), η οποία στοχεύει για τη σωστή ισορροπία των... More

Dao Ren Feng 1st Grade Dao Ren Feng 1st Grade

This exceptionally high quality green tea is from the famous "Dao Ren Peak" in Zhejiang Province of China, and has been processed using the traditional Japanese method. It differs from the ordinary Chinese Sencha in both liquor color, taste and aroma. Its' infusion produces a light green cup with a sweet taste and a flowery / fruity aroma. An ideal tea for... More

Fruity Rooibos Tea Sampler Fruity Rooibos Tea Sampler

Η γεύση του Rooibos ταιριάζει πάρα πολύ με χυμούς και καρπούς φρούτων. Πίνονται ζεστά όσο και κρύα. Δοκιμάστε 4 διαφορετικά είδη σε αυτό το σετ που κάνει περίπου 10 φλιτζάνια ανά είδος και περιλαμβάνει... More

Gouarana Gouarana

Considered an ideal alternative to coffee, as it is a stimulating drink that offers clarity. It reduces appetite significantly and promotes burning of body fat. Use one teaspoon of crushed seeds in simmering water for about 10 minutes.

Silky Black Tea Sampler Silky Black Tea Sampler

Ανακαλύψτε κάποια απο τα καλύτερα των μαύρων τσαγιών. Αυτό το σετ κάνει περίπου 10 φλιτζάνια ανα είδος και περιλαμβάνει: Ceylon Lovers Leap Nuwara Eliya - Το καλύτερο Ceylon λείο και λεπτό με χάλκινο χρώμα φύλλων.... More

Vitality Herbal Tea Sampler Vitality Herbal Tea Sampler

A wonderful introduction to herbal blends with stimulating ingredients. This collection offers clarity & wellness. Makes about 10 cups per tea & includes (subject to rare changes): Women Vitality Tea - A carefully selected & balanced blend of herbs & spice appropriate for boosting the female immune system. It has a beautiful orange flavor. Men's... More

Mistletoe Mistletoe

Οι ιδιότητες αυτού του φυτού είναι αντιυπερτασικές ,αντισπασμωδικές, διουρητικές. Κάνει καλό σε περιπτώσεις αυξημένης αρτηριακής πίεσης, άλλα και σε περιπτώσεις άσθματος, νευρώσεων ,ημικρανιών,... More

Licorice Licorice

Η κατανάλωση της γλυκόριζας κάνει καλό και στο αναπνευστικό μας σύστημα καταπραΰνει το βήχα και λόγω του ότι είναι πλούσιο σε φυσικά αντιοξειδωτικά, βοηθά στην μείωση των τριγλυκεριδίων που... More

Special Green Tea Sampler Special Green Tea Sampler

A set of excellent and relatively rare green teas. This set makes 10 cups per tea and includes (subject to infrequent changes): Keemun Congou - Fine, soft and refreshing green tea creates an impressive pure yellow cup. Darjeeling Green - Smooth and fruity aromatic notes. Yunnan Green - Well-known green tea with Chinese origin and a spicy... More

Ayuverda & Wellness Tea Sampler Ayuverda & Wellness Tea Sampler

This section of aromatic teas, spices and selected herbs are inspired by the principles of Ayurveda (Ayurveda), which aims for the right balance of doshas (bio-energy) of the body. Slimming Herbal Blend - As it name suggest, this blend of tea promotes weight loss with a very specific combination of herbs. It contains yerba mate which is know to suppress... More

Brew T 500 ml Brew T 500 ml

The BREWT Infuser is a revolutionary new method for making your favourite hot or cold beverages. It is just right for use with fine teas, coffee and hot chocolate. The BREWT lets you brew a perfect cup of loose tea with little mess and no garbage. It is ideal for the home, the office,school,and in restaurants. Its design is elegantly simple. The unique... More

Green Aroma Tea Sampler Green Aroma Tea Sampler

An introduction to a wide range of flavored green teas. This set makes 10 cups per tea and includes (subject to infrequent changes): Sencha Ginger Pineapple - Pineapple and ginger...a unique combination of freshness. 1001 Nights - Green and black tea combined with sunflower, jasmine and rosebuds. Green Lemon- A tea with lemon peel and... More

Pu Erh Mini Tuo Cha 15 Yrs Old Pu Erh Mini Tuo Cha 15 Yrs Old

This amazing quality Pu Erh tea has matured and been fermented in ideal conditions for 15 years. The result is a pronounced earthy flavor and a dark reddish brown cup. The tea is compressed into a small nest shape and is perfect for the office as it corresponds to a portion for a large mug.

Black Aroma Tea Sampler Black Aroma Tea Sampler

A combination of 4 different flavored black tea blends. Every This set makes 10 cups per tea and includes (subject to infrequent changes): Rose Black Congou - Fine Chinese black tea with a flowery rose aroma and a slightly sweet cup. English Caramel - A creamy caramel taste that remains in your mouth once you drink our tea. Black Sweet Orange -... More

Filter Sticks - Τea Filter Ηolder (4pcs) Filter Sticks - Τea Filter Ηolder (4pcs)

Make your own tea bags using this very elegant tea stick to hold your teabag above your cup of tea.

Marshmallow Marshmallow

It is useful when you need an herb with a highly emollient effect. The root is used mainly for digestive problems and others such as inflammation of the mouth, gingivitis, gastritis, peptic ulcer, enteritis and colitis. Also soothes upset stomach, cough, bronchitis and colds. Can also help with skin diseases and disorders and relieves muscle and tendon... More

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