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Νέα Προϊόντα
Πιές και Βρές... Σετ Επιλογής
Τώρα οι λάτρες του τσαγιού έχουν την δυνατότητα να δοκιμάσουν δεκάδες γεύσεις χωρίς να δεσμευτούν σε μεγάλες ποσότητες και με μικρό κόστος. Δημιουργήσαμε σετ από τέσσερα διαφορετικά είδη τσαγιού ή ροφημάτων που το κάθε ένα φτιάχνει περίπου 10 κούπες τσαγιού. Βρές αυτό που σου ταιριάζει πριν δεσμευτείς στην αγορά μεγαλύτερων ποσοτήτων. Δοκιμάστε τα όλα!! Αποκλειστικά από το - Earl Grey - Earl Grey - Earl Grey
Πράσινα Αρώματα - Πιές και Βρές Φρουτώδη Rooibos - Πιές και Βρές Φρουτώδη Rooibos - Πιές και Βρές

Νέα Προϊόντα
Herb Tea Cup “Lux Line” Herb Tea Cup “Lux Line”

H πορσελάνινη κούπα "Lux Line" σε τρία έντονα χρώματα, είναι το νέο μας "καυτό" αξεσουάρ. Το τσάι σας θα παραμείνει ζεστό πολύ περισσότερο χρόνο επειδή διαθέτει διπλά τοιχώματα.Θα γίνει η αγαπημένη σας... More

Very Berry Very Berry

Hibiscus, elderberry, grape (grape, vegetable oil), rose petals, flavour, redcurrant, blackcurrant, blackberry.

Iced Tea maker "Alaska" Iced Tea maker "Alaska" - Out of Stock

Ότι πιο σύγχρονο για τους λάτρεις του παγωμένου τσαγιού. Αυτός ο παγωμένος κατασκευαστής τσαγιού σας επιτρέπει να φτιάχνετε και να σερβίρετε φρέσκο, παγωμένο τσάι χωρίς να χάνετε η γεύση του. Η... More

Porcelain Tea Set "Ekali" Porcelain Tea Set "Ekali" - Out of Stock

Αυτό το πορσελάνινο σέτ τσαγιού είναι τόσο όμορφο αλλά και τόσο κλασικό.Σε απαλό πράσινο χρώμα με μπαμπού λεπτομέρειες, περιλαμβάνει μια τσαγιέρα 500ml με ανοξείδωτο σουρωτήρι και 4 κλασσικά... More

Red Velvet Bliss Red Velvet Bliss

Apple, hibiscus, grape (grape, vegetable oil), rose hip, blackberry leaves, flavour, safflower petals.

Titan Tea - Sideritis Blend Titan Tea - Sideritis Blend

From our herbalists straight into your cup this Greek mountain tea (sideritis) blended with sage, chamomile and dictamus is a beautiful tisane both for breakfast or evening. All herbs are helpful in soothing and relaxing a common cold and great for a quiet and relaxful night.

Earl Grey White Monkey (organic) Earl Grey White Monkey (organic)

This Earl Grey will offer you a silky and floral scent and will please the lovers of bergamot. The White Monkey young leaves and buds will give you an unforgettable taste experience. This tea is harvested by hand to ensure excellent quality. It is cultivated in the mountainous areas of Fujian province, one of the best tea growing areas in China. This... More

Vintage Tea Kettle "Bonjour" Vintage Tea Kettle "Bonjour"

Εμπνευσμένο από παλιά σχέδια ,αυτό το τσαγιερό-βραστήρας θα γίνει το αγαπημένο σας αξεσουάρ αυτό το χειμώνα.Φτιαγμένο εξ'ολοκλήρου από χάλυβα και περασμένο με σμάλτο πορσελάνης είναι ιδανικό για... More

Spring Aroma Spring Aroma

Βlack tea in a harmonious combination that is very reminiscent of spring and tastes like lemon and pineapple. It combine pieces of pineapple, apple, lemongrass, coconut chips and ginger with petals of sunflower. It's great hot or iced and helps in balancing your senses throughout the day.

English Breakfast Leaf English Breakfast Leaf gives you the opportunity to enjoy the taste of the quintessential English Breakfast tea, from a wonderful mix Indian Assam and Ceylon black tea leaves producing a harmonious combination of intense flavor and aroma. Each sip unfolds to reveal the complexity of the whole leaves. Rich in antioxidants, this energizing tea has just the right amount of... More

Authentic Japanese Matcha Bowl - "Utsuku" 400ml Authentic Japanese Matcha Bowl - "Utsuku" 400ml - Out of Stock

Our matcha bowl Utsuku is a timeless classic. Named after the moonlight it lets your matcha shine. Measures: Ø approx. 129 mm, height approx. 70 mm

Authentic Japanese Matcha Bowl - "Yu-Hi" 400ml Authentic Japanese Matcha Bowl - "Yu-Hi" 400ml - Out of Stock

This bright pink matcha bowl is a real stunner. Its optical warmth reminds us of a beautiful sunset on a summer evening. This is exactly what Yu-Hi means. Measures: Ø approx. 128 mm, height approx. 70 mm

Filter Bag with Drawstring Filter Bag with Drawstring - Out of Stock

Very fine, chlorine-free, compostable filter paper made specifically as a tea filter. It ensures purity of the senses both in in high-end gastronomy as well as in your home! 50 pieces per box

Porcelain Tea Cup “Little Shiva” 350ml Porcelain Tea Cup “Little Shiva” 350ml - Out of Stock

Introducing our "Little Shiva" double walled porcelain mugs. The double wall helps to keep your tea hot for longer and will not burn your delicate fingers. It includes a high grade large sized strainer and cover for your cup. It comes in an beautiful individual gift box appropriate for a gift to friends and relatives. Offered in olive brown and pink... More

Harmony of the Senses Sampler Harmony of the Senses Sampler

An introduction to a wide range of flavored green teas. This set makes 10 cups per tea and includes: Dance of the Senses - A heavenly blend of Sencha flavored with pieces of pear, licorice, pink pepper and cardamom. Berry Twist - A sweet elixir that is sure to enhance your body and and your taste buds. Tears of Buddha - A blend of Sencha green... More

Tibetan Rain Tibetan Rain

This high-quality Oolong tea has been added to our teas for its great taste but also its well known antioxidant properties of the Goji berry superfood. It also includes other healthy fruits such as pomegranate, papaya, pieces of figs and juicy peach to create an "explosive" tea blend. Enjoy the hot or cold and increase your energy in an instant.

Dance of the Senses Dance of the Senses

This heavenly blend of Sencha flavored with pieces of pear, licorice, pink pepper and cardamom will awaken your senses and will become your favorite tea every morning.

Berry Twist Berry Twist - Out of Stock

Revive your body and mind with this wonderful blend of Sencha green tea and the taste of berries and aronia (known for its antioxidant properties) strawberry pieces and jasmine flowers. A sweet elixir that is sure to enhance your body and and your taste buds.

Anti-Aging Tea "Aloe Vera Ayurveda" Anti-Aging Tea "Aloe Vera Ayurveda"

Experience the wellness that this Ayurveda tea has to offer. It is very mild to the stomach and to the nervous system and has a wonderful pick-me-up feeling. It consists of of lemongrass, ginger bits, lemon peel, green mint, aloe vera chunks, pepper, and liquorice root. This blend has a minty taste.

Detox Tea Detox Tea - Out of Stock

Certain herbal teas make wonders when wanting to detoxify your body. We have carefully blended a variety of well known and safe herbs with the intent of detoxifying th eliver and ultimately the entire body. Our tea contains Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Nettle Leaves, Lemongrass and Calendula which all play there own significant part in detoxing. CAUTION:... More

Sweet Melody Tea Sampler Sweet Melody Tea Sampler

Strong flavors of spices, chocolate, nuts and flowers combined with tea or other herbs. Black tea with cinnamon, spices and dried rose buds and green with almonds and orange peels will take you to a sweet melody. Try 4 different types in this set that makes about 10 cups per item and includes: Fireplace Fantasy - A mixture of Indian Assam black tea with... More

The Chosen Ones Tea Sampler The Chosen Ones Tea Sampler

China op Jinjing ORGANIC English Breakfast Leaf Dao Ren Feng 1st Grade (organic) Vietnam Mao Feng

Masters Teas Sampler Masters Teas Sampler

It includes some of the more "expensive" tea that we offer from all types of tea (i.e. black, white and green). They are considered expensive since production and the whole process of harvesting, processing and promoting the product is quite expensive compared to plain green or black tea. There are 4 teas in this set that makes about 10 cups per tea and... More

Japanese Tea Tin “Ruri” 100 g Japanese Tea Tin “Ruri” 100 g

Γιαπωνέζικα κουτάκια αποθήκευσης τσαγιού σε ατομική συσκευασία των 2 με κομψά γιαπωνέζικα σχέδια. Έχουν εσωτερικό αεροστεγές καπάκι, που προστατεύει το τσάι σας από το φως και τον αέρα. Εάν το... More

Japanese Tea Tin “Stone” 150 g Japanese Tea Tin “Stone” 150 g

Ένα ιαπωνικό κουτί τσαγιού που διαθέτει ένα δεύτερο εσωτερικό καπάκι για μεγαλύτερη φρεσκάδα.Διακοσμημένο σε παραδοσιακό χαρτί Washi από ξύλο κερασιάς, τυπωμένο με μοτίβο εμπνευσμένο από τον κόσμο... More

Super Slimming Verbena Birch Super Slimming Verbena Birch

This year slim down and detoxify your body naturally with an innovative product found only at Every year we try to find for you a and natural effective methods of slimming. So we added to our wide range of herbs the super slimming Louisa-Birch. It is based on natural products without any chemicals. You can lose weight, get rid of cellulite and get... More

Birch Birch

Birch comes from the Sanskrit bhurga meaning "tree whose bark is written on." As an herbal medicine it is said to increase urinary output and helps the urinary tract infections, digestive tract, edema and kidney stones. In folk medicine, birch is in use against arthritis & rheumatism & against loss of hair and skin rashes. It is frequently used for cystitis... More

Mate Gourd Calabash Mate Gourd Calabash - Out of Stock

An appropriate tool for enjoying your yerba mate tea is a mate gourd or calabash. We have two different choices. One being the "marbled" gourd that has a metal ring on the neck and the other being a leather look earthy design. Each gourd is unique and will vary slightly in size and shape. Height is about 7-8 cm.

Vietnam Mao Feng "Cloud" Vietnam Mao Feng "Cloud"

Mao Feng means "hair tip" and refers to the shape of the tea leaf which is delicate, slightly rolled with the typical fine tips of a young leaf. This especially attractive Mao Feng tea originates from Vietnam. Due to the clear yellow-green cup, the bloomy taste and the fine decent flavour, this tea becomes a particular pleasure.

Porcelain Tea-for-one Set "Malaysia" Porcelain Tea-for-one Set "Malaysia"

Herb Tea Mug "Life" Porcelain  350 ml Herb Tea Mug "Life" Porcelain 350 ml

Oolong Almond Chocolate Oolong Almond Chocolate

Combining savory almond and chocolate with the bright, fruity-floral taste of Taiwan oolong tea, our Chocoloate Almond Oolong is a great on its own, as well as the perfect dessert complement. It has a smooth, clean almond nutty aroma. Full, rounded body and sweet marzipan flavor. The only question now is, is it ok to have two desserts in one evening?

Black & Green Tea Blend "The Emperor's 7 Treasures" Black & Green Tea Blend "The Emperor's 7 Treasures"

A select blend of the finest black and green tea enriched by fruity, sweet flavors of rose blossoms and sunflower blossoms. You will receive 15 pyramid tea bags per box, protected by an inner sealed bag. The preparation suggestion detailed on the box is perfect for a cup portion of 200 ml.

Cloudy Sunday (organic) Cloudy Sunday (organic)

A wonderful green tea that combines the taste of Sencha tea and the flavour of perfectly ripened mangoes. Lower in caffeine than mango black due to the Sencha base and also a very refreshing summer tea or relaxing winter tea. Served hot or cold.

Mothers Apple Pie Mothers Apple Pie

Luscious, delicious and full of bold and spicy flavors, this tea will impress. It will definitely remind you of your Mom's apple pie. Together with the exquisite Indian Assam, chinese Sencha green tea, cinnamon pieces and almond chips we have created an irresistible combination. Try it on cold winter nights and you will not regret it !!

Fruit Tea Blend Grandma's Garden Fruit Tea Blend Grandma's Garden

All the aromatic treasures of sweet and delicious fruits and berries on a colorful and appetizing fruit tea blend is sure to please! Contains elderberries, hibiscus blossoms, apple pieces, black currant, flavoring, freeze-dried blackberries, freeze-dried strawberry and raspberry pieces, wild strawberry leaves. You will receive 15 pyramid tea bags 4gr each,... More

4 Seasons(Lemon, Peach) 4 Seasons(Lemon, Peach)

A fruity, sweet and aromatic flavor of peach and lemon blend appropriate for hot or cold weather. Refreshing and invigorating. Great for a hot summer day!

Geisha’s Flower Geisha’s Flower

Sakura is the Japanese term for the ornamental cherry trees and flowers that are everywhere in Japan. Enjoy luscious cherries ans green Sencha that will take you on a beautiful journey. Light and refreshing with floral aftertaste.

Orange & Cinnamon Orange & Cinnamon

This blend will travel you to the country of the origin of cinnamon, Ceylon or presnt day Sri Lanka. The combination of black tea from Ceylon and the Indian Assam, along with pieces of orange, almond chips and cinnamon sticks give this tea a sweet, exotic and full of flavor. Ideal for the first winter.

Rooibos Bush Fire Rooibos Bush Fire

The composition of different orange flavors promises a fresh and lively pleasure. The flavorings used are natural, spreading the scent of freshly squeezed oranges. The taste of sun ripened citrus fruits is all southern flair. Full, fruity aromatic pleasure flatters the sweet Rooibos tea. You will receive 15 pyramid tea bags 4gr each, protected by an inner... More

Green & White Tea Blend Angel's Kiss Green & White Tea Blend Angel's Kiss

Angel's Kiss Tea is a premium Blend of Green and White Teas delicately scented with heavenly flavours. We use a Green China Sencha and a White Pai Mu Tan to which we add Passion Fruit Pineapple and Strawberry. Angel's Kiss is a fabulous looking Tea with fruit pieces and blossoms added to take it to a higher level. You will receive 15 pyramid tea bags per... More

Black tea Darjeeling TGFOP1 Margaret's Hope Black tea Darjeeling TGFOP1 Margaret's Hope

Margaret's Hope 2nd Flush Darjeeling is an amazing and very popular estate tea. Grown at over 6800ft above sea level, this tea has the distinctive 'muscatel' flavour you'd expect of a top class 2nd flush. The complexity of the aroma, with hints of blackcurrant and medium bodied taste, lends itself well to being placed in pyramid teabags and provides a very... More

Fireplace Fantasy Fireplace Fantasy - Out of Stock

Incredibly romantic and rich combination will "shine" on the palate and awaken your senses. A blend of Indian Assam black tea with apple pieces, almond chips, pieces of cinnamon and rosebuds. Try and it iced on those hot summer days as well.

Jin Jing (organic) Jin Jing (organic)

Jinjing is a town in Changsha County, Changsha, Hunan Province, China and is the origin of this fine tea. This black tea is not too strong, and can be considered mild and aromatic so it won't overcome your taste buds, but and at the same time, tea drinkers will notice a subtlety to Jinjing black tea that will please even long-time drinkers.

Green tea blend Sencha Lemon Green tea blend Sencha Lemon

Our Chinese green tea with natural lemon flavour combines the delicate, sweet taste of our steamed 'Sencha' leaves with crisp, refreshing lemon flavour. A natural source of antioxidants. green tea is sourced from a group of farms in South East China where the humid climate, plentiful vegetation, rich moist soil and ample rainfall provide the unique natural... More

Earl Grey Black tea Pyramids Earl Grey Black tea Pyramids

High quality black tea with the classic Bergamot flavor we have all grown to love . You will receive 15 pyramid tea bags 3gr each, protected by an inner sealed bag. The preparation suggestion detailed on the box is perfect for a cup portion of 300 ml.

Black tea English Breakfast Black tea English Breakfast

Our English Breakfast Tea is a wonderful combination of quality tea leaves from the tea growing regions of Sri Lanka, Kenya and India. Blended to perfection the tea leaves fit perfectly into our pyramid teabags so you can experience their wholesome tea flavour any time of day. You will receive 15 pyramid tea bags 3gr each, protected by an inner sealed bag.... More

FlowTea with carrying case 350 ml FlowTea with carrying case 350 ml

“Flowtea®” double-walled glass with stainless steel strainer, includes neoprene coat with carrying loop, in attractive gift box

Green tea Japan Sencha Fukujyu Green tea Japan Sencha Fukujyu

Sencha is a whole leaf green tea (as opposed to Matcha for example which is ground). During production it is steamed and rolled to produce fine needle shaped leaves with a fresh grassy smell. Sencha is the most popular and widely grown of Japanese teas accounting for about 80% of production.

Herb Tea Blend Ginger Fresh Tea Herb Tea Blend Ginger Fresh Tea

Ginger has to be one of the world's best-loved ingredients, used across continents to add zing to salads and spice up stir fries. Soothing and just a little bit spicy, this is the perfect tea when you simply want to relax at the end of a busy day. You will receive 15 pyramid tea bags 2gr each, protected by an inner sealed bag. The preparation suggestion... More

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